Chopped & Screwed

by Gavin Grant

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You know it hasn't been the same
the past couple of days
since they took you away
to that old place with the same color walls
That we all see at least once before we die

I watched the snow all melt in the rain, this morning
Gone without warning from my life and my view
Just like you, just like you

I am looking out my window, first to the west, than the east
Sip black coffee, smoke a pipe, I still can't find peace

But like the snow I know that you wont be gone forever
You'll come back rebalanced, chopped and screwed
Just like they want you to, just like they want you to
But I'll be there and I don't care, cause it's still you

Drug me 7 ways to sunday and drag me through the streets
rip all of the sutures out, I'm sick of these white sheets
Yeah it'll be a jailbreak when I make my way to you
The people will be so concerned It'll make the national news
They'll all turn their heads and say "who let that guy out of that place"

And I will smile, half way to mexico when I hear it on the radio
And you'll say hey, "hey that's you, hey that's you, hey that's you"
Just like you wanted to do
cause it's still you, yeah it's still you, yeah it's still you


released January 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Gavin Grant Portland, Maine

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